Posting Guide

This guide hopefully will help anyone having difficulty posting new events. Please contact Lauree Leyland if there are any additional questions.

How To Add An Event

Now that you have seen how to post an event to WhereWeRoll, take a moment now to visit your PROFILE and edit it so that other consultants can better network with you. It will come in handy when everyone is searching for other consultants in a particular area if you share your information. For your safety and security, most contact info is only visible by registered users only when they are logged in. Only R+F Consultants are allowed to be registered users. If you haven't uploaded a photo, the calendar allows you to upload a .jpg format photo.

Also be sure that your address is posted exactly like this:

This is a bonus for you and your hopes of generating sales from people who find you online via searches. And if you have a blog or other website, there is a 2nd web address allowed for you to share on WhereWeRoll within your profile. Thank you for using